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‘Lack of charismatic politicians’- Germans called to vote in Bavaria state elections, exit polls suggest CSU victory

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« The German state of Bavaria held elections on Sunday amid the unpopularity of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s national government, while economic problems and immigration boosted the country’s conservative parties.
Footage shows Bavarian citizens casting their votes and giving their opinions about the actual government and their expectations for the future.
Some Bavarian residents say they do not expect major changes in the leadership of the state government.
« I hope it doesn’t change much because Bavaria is a very beautiful state in Germany and I hope everything continues as before and there are no big changes, » explained a local.
« I believe that the current government, the old government, will also be the new government. In Bavaria, the political balance of power is not changing so quickly. And that is why I believe that the old government will be given a new mandate and continue, » said a citizen Christoph.
Others allege that widespread dissatisfaction and the lack of charismatic politicians who can create a « certain political euphoria » makes the populist discourse resonate more with the population, leaving aside other parties with different political approaches.
« I hope that a new state government will take the state’s problems seriously and have the courage to do something about it and not simply manage the country as in recent decades and boldly move forward on current issues such as the climate crisis and the energy transition « , said another local named Michi.
Around 9.4 million people were eligible to vote for the new state legislature in Bavaria.
The CSU, the sister party of the CDU, has governed Bavaria since 1957. »


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