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‘Super popular among locals and foreigners’ – Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2023 lights up sky over Han River

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« The 2023 Seoul International Fireworks Festival was held at Yeouido Hangang Park on Saturday and concluded with a bright and colourful bang, lighting up the night sky over Han River.
Footage shows people gathering at one of the best city’s view spots, waiting for the festival to begin. Later viewers were seen taking pictures of fireworks.
One of the visitors, Lisa, said, « So many people gathered here, it looks super popular among locals and foreigners. »
The annual event, produced by Hanwha Group as part of its social contribution initiative and hosted in the Yeouido Hangnag Park area, attracts massive crowds from around the world. According to media reports, over a million people are expected to follow the event.
In this regard the Seoul municipal government beefed up measures to ensure public safety, including establishment of a comprehensive safety headquarters at the event venue and an increase of personnel in charge of crowd control.
This year’s event, themed as « Lights of Tomorrow, » featured the talents of teams representing Korea, China and Poland, who transformed the night sky into an artistic canvas to display their creativity. »


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