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Thousands march in Barcelona against amnesty for imprisoned Catalan independentist leaders

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« Thousands of protesters rallied in Barcelona on Sunday to protest against the government’s alleged plan to grant amnesty to imprisoned Catalan independentist leaders.
According to local authorities, over 50,000 people joined the rally, although the organisers claimed the attendance was over 300,000 people. Conservative and nationalist political figures, such as Popular Party (PP) leader Alberto Nunez Feijoo and Vox leader Santiago Abascal also joined the march.
« Granting amnesty to another politician in exchange for his votes to obtain power is the living image of corruption, and it is the living image of illegitimate power exercised against the law and the people », said Abascal.
Following the July general elections, Catalan pro-independence parties represented in parliament called for amnesty of imprisoned Catalan leaders in exchange for unblocking an agreement for the investiture of a new governmen.
Current acting president and Socialist Party leader Pedro Sánchez first referred to the possibility of dialogue on amnesty last Friday, when he mentioned that such an agreement could help overcome the consequences of ‘one of the worst territorial crises in the history of democracy’ in Spain.
In 2017, 10 Catalan pro-independence political leaders were sentenced to prison after promoting the holding of a referendum on independence for the eastern Spanish region. »


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