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‘A child does not end your life’ – Pro-life activists rally against Supreme Court decision on abortion in Mexico City

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« Pro-life demonstrators took to the streets of Mexico City on Sunday to voice their opposition to a recent landmark decision by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) that decriminalised abortion throughout the country.
Footage shows hundreds of Catholic families, identifying as pro-life, gathering near the Monument to the Revolution to express their rejection of the SCJN ruling and call for specific public policies from the Mexican government to support women facing difficult choices.
The protesters emphasised their belief in providing alternatives to abortion, including comprehensive public policies aimed at addressing the needs of pregnant women. Their demands included access to daycare services, educational opportunities, improved healthcare, and comprehensive support systems to ensure women are aware of alternatives to abortion.
Liana Rebolledo, a journalist and pro-life activist, stated, « All women have the right to dream, and having a child does not prevent them from pursuing their studies or careers. A child does not end your life, as long as a woman is aware and financially capable of supporting her baby. However, we know that the majority of women who choose to have their babies do not regret it. »
Furthermore, Rebolledo emphasised the need for public policies to support women in vulnerable situations. She called for comprehensive public health services and protection for all women.
« They all deserve to be respected and protected, especially in a time when violence against women has exceeded limits. We must prioritise the well-being of women and their unborn children, » she concluded.
The demonstration culminated in a march from the Monument to the Revolution to Central Park, where the protesters concluded their peaceful protest. »


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