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Bavaria’s Minister-President Markus Soder hails CSU’s ‘clear victory’ after state elections in Bavaria

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« Bavaria’s Minister-President Markus Soder hailed his party’s ‘clear election victory’ during a press conference in Munich on Monday following state elections in two German states the day prior.
« We realise together that it was a clear election victory for us. We have reached 37 percent. We have even increased the number of absolute votes, which means a clear government mandate, but also a clear government mandate for the CSU as number one in Bavaria, » Soder stated.
He spoke about gains made by the AfD through the topic of migration to Germany stating that « could have been prevented in this magnitude a long ago ».
He concluded that other parties could be coalition partners but that ultimately the CSU « decides with whom a government is possible. »
In Sunday’s elections, Soder’s CSU won with 37.2 percent of votes keeping the 85 seats it had acquired in the previous state elections in 2018.
The centre-right Free Voters party gained 10 additional seats to finish second with 15.8 percent of votes with the far-right AfD also gaining 10 new seats with 14.6 percent of votes. In neighbouring Hesse the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) won 34.6 percent of seats, followed by AfD with 15.1 percent and the Greens with 14.8 percent. »


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