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Candidates clash in final Presidential debate ahead of Argentine elections

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« In the last debate before the upcoming national elections in Argentina, the five presidential candidates engaged in intense confrontations, addressing the issues of security, employment, environment and others. The debate took place at the Faculty of Law of the University of Buenos Aires on Sunday.
Javier Mile, candidate for president of ‘La Libertad Avanza’, started his speech by expressing solidarity with Israel due to the ongoing escalation with Palestine. His opponent, Sergio Massa, candidate for president of ‘Union por la Patria’, also condemned the Hamas attacks on Israeli territory.
The debate’s first topic, security, saw Patricia Bullrich, the former Minister of Security, criticising Sergio Massa for his record on the issue. Bullrich questioned Massa’s role in the government and added that the number of poor people in the country increased by two million since Massa took the office.
« Today no one buys a house in Argentina, no one can rent, and there is not enough money for anything, and you talk about a country that does not exist, » she said.
Javier Milei advocated for discussing economic issues during the debate. Bullrich on her side challenged Milei’s proposal to liberalise the use of weapons and criticized his idea of deregulating the organ market.
The debate concluded with fierce exchanges, with Bullrich questioning Milei’s affiliations and Milei accusing Bullrich of past involvement with Montoneros. Massa raised concerns about the pre-trip policy, and Bullrich questioned him about corruption in Kirchnerism.
The debate was marked by confrontations and sharp rhetoric but offered limited new proposals for the upcoming election. The candidates now await the election on October 22, where the outcome remains uncertain in this closely contested race. »


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