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‘Find a home and be loved’ – Thousands of dogs and owners take part in pro-adoption pup race

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« Thousands of dogs accompanied by their owners took part in a charity race for animal rights in Madrid on Sunday.
El Perroton brought together 5,000 pet owners at Plaza de Colon in a solidarity race for adoption, and responsible care of pets in addition to denouncing abandonment and abuse.
« We have participated in this race to do our bit to help dogs that need to find a home and to be loved, cared for and adored because in the end they are just another member of the family and they are madly loved, » Maria, a participant said during an interview.
Footage shows participants running together with various canine breeds, with some dogs visibly enjoying the opportunity for an extensive run with fellow members of their species, while others were seen enjoying the unusual atmosphere in the capital.
« We have participated in this race to do our bit to help dogs that need to find a home and be loved, cared for and adored because, in the end, they are another member of the family, » said one participant Maria.
5,000 people signed up for the race to collect donations that will go entirely to the Noah’s Ark Foundation, an organisation with thirty years of history dedicated to abused or abandoned dogs and cats.
« It’s a way to enjoy with people who you know are aware that animals live well and their rights are taken into account, for me it’s exciting, » said another participant Sofia.
The race comes after a new animal welfare law targeting animal abuse came into force last week, giving law enforcement the right to arrest owners who have left their pets alone and introducing high fines for the mistreatment of animals. The bill reportedly left out fighting bulls, hunting dogs and dolphins that perform in aqua parks, however. »

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