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‘I hope there will be no shift to the right’ – Bavarians head to polls in German key state elections

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« Bavarians hit the polls on Sunday as state elections were held in Germany’s largest region as well as in Hesse, which are viewed as key indicators for the political sentiment in the country.
« I would like there to be no shift to the right in Bavaria, as there is in Germany as a whole, » a voter said when asked about her expectations.
« I think in the last few decades people haven’t noticed that fascist and fascist consciousness has always been there in the population, » Hans, a voter from Nuremberg added.
Voters also ranked the expansion of renewable energies among the top political priorities in the state.
« I think we have to move forward with renewable energies because we are weak there, » Dominique, another voter commented.
« The migration issue has not gone unnoticed by residents either. Of course, I also expect the new state government to integrate the foreigners, » Waldemar Gerdt highlighted.
About 9.4 million people were eligible to vote in Bavaria and about 4.3 million in neighbouring Hesse, a region that includes Germany’s financial capital Frankfurt. In all, about 20 million people live in these regions, about a quarter of the country’s population.
At the time of publication Germany’s conservatives scored wins in the two states. In Bavaria, the Christian Social Union scored 36.6 percent in Bavaria, followed by nationalist Alternative fur Deutschland with 15.9 percent while Chancellor Scholz’s ‘traffic light coalition’ of Social Democrats (SPD), Green Party and Free Democrats (FDP) reached less than 30 percent combined according to preliminary polls. In Hesse, Christian Democrats (CDU) secured around 35.5 percent, AfD around 18.5 percent and SPD 15.1 percent according to preliminary results. »


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