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‘It looks great!’- Colourful projections grace Berlin’s landmarks as Festival of Lights kicks off

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« The 19th edition of the Festival of Lights kicked off in Berlin on Friday under the slogan « Colours of Life, » presenting the city’s iconic monuments illuminated with magnificent light and video projections.
Footage shows visitors enjoying the light shows in the city’s Mitte district, turning popular tourist sites such as Brandenburg Gate, the TV Tower and the Berlin Cathedral into a new experience for both residents and visitors of the capital.
« I think it’s great because Berlin has been doing it for a long time since the city first did it, there are always different motifs, some are great, some are worse, I think Brandenburg Gate is the best » said a visitor.
« This is our first time here as family in Berlin and we’re on vacation and it’s the last evening for us and it’s a really great ending. We were at Potsdamer Platz, now here in the Brandenburg Gate and we’re going back via Unter den Linden, it looks great, » another visitor added.
Berlin’s landmarks, historic sites and streets in Berlin are illuminated by light projections during the ten-day festival running from October 6 to 15. »


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