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‘It was like a bomb’- At least 30 killed as heavy rains cause devastating landslide in Yaounde

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« Rescue teams continued operations in Yaounde on Monday after landslides left 30 deaths in Cameroon’s capital, according to the emergency services
Footage features the aftermath of the landslides, fire trucks and rescuers at the disaster scene carrying out their operations.
« It went boom, it was like a bomb went off. Water started pouring out everywhere and it was no longer OK. We started looking at our neighbours, we couldn’t see anything,” said a witness.
Rescue operations faced significant challenges due to flooding, compelling local residents to extract bodies from the wreckage using their hands. The torrential rainfall led to the Mefou River overflowing its banks on Sunday, inundating multiple neighbourhoods.
Many of the buildings that collapsed on Sunday were reported expecting demolition.
The catastrophe reportedly occurred nearly one year after a prior landslide in Yaounde that resulted in the loss of a minimum of 14 lives. »

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