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‘It’s a great event!’ – North American wife-carrying champions celebrate second victory

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« The 24th annual « North American Wife Carrying Championship » unfolded in the village of Sunday River, Maine, on Saturday.
The event is said to be inspired by a Finnish tradition where husbands compete with each other to carry their wives across a 278-yard (254 meters) course full of obstacles, a muddy pit, and a sand hill.The participants aim to win the grand prize – the wife’s weight in beer and five times the husband’s weight in cash.
Featured footage of the event shows the competitors struggling to complete the course and earn the coveted reward.
“What happened? Well, we slipped, and we got up. We slipped again. We got up and we fell. So we did the best we can. We never gave up. We have so much fun,” said Tiyana C. and Damon H., two of the competitors.
Remarkably, the final three teams in this year’s championship mirrored the previous year’s line-up, with reigning champions Justine and Caleb Roesler successfully defending their title.
“It was a great day out here. We came back, last year we wiped this championship, so we want to come back here this year and see if we could do it again. But my wife Justine, we just had another baby, our fourth kid, seven weeks ago. So we thought we couldn’t get ready to get back and be ready to go, but she’s a trooper. She said I’ll be ready in seven weeks”, expressed Caleb.
“It’s a great event. We love the people here, we get in touch with all other competitors and, so the event is great, and we had a wonderful time,” he added. »


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