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Kabul receives humanitarian aid for Herat earthquake victims amid ongoing crisis

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« Footage filmed in Kabul on Monday shows a humanitarian aid handout to the Afghan Red Crescent to be distributed to people affected by the Herat earthquakes.
A powerful 6.3-magnitude earthquake and subsequent aftershocks struck Herat and its surrounding areas on Saturday which has claimed approximately 3,000 lives and left many others injured, causing rural homes to collapse and panic among city residents. Afghanistan was already grappling with a severe humanitarian crisis due to the withdrawal of foreign aid following the Taliban’s resurgence in 2021.
“Today we received this humanitarian aid from the King Salman Humanitarian Centre and the organization promised for over 15,000 kitbags but today they handout for us about 2,250 of kits,” said Ghulam Habib, Head of International Communication – Red Crescent.
“Also, a humanitarian organization in China sent us about 200,000 dollars, Iran’s Red Crescent supported us, Turkey and Kuwait’s Red Crescent helped us, as well Red Crescent of Qatar promised for supports, thanks God, we will receive more aid and the responsible of the Red Crescent will distribute them among the needy people,” he added.
The earthquake’s impact worsened Afghanistan’s ongoing humanitarian crisis, particularly affecting the already struggling healthcare system. Additionally, the Taliban’s controversial policies, such as the ban on women working for the UN and NGOs, strained relations with international aid organizations. »

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