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‘Without any early warning’ – Over 50 killed in market airstrike in Gaza Jabalia camp

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« More than 50 Palestinians were killed in an airstrike on a market in Gaza’s Jabalia camp on Monday. The airstrike also injured at least 120 residents and caused significant damage to the area.
Footage shows extensive destruction, with locals amid the debris and wreckage in the streets. Firefighters are visible working to extinguish the flames engulfing the buildings.
“As we were sitting in our homes, we heard an explosion that shook the entire residential block without any early warning. Three missiles were hit without any prior warning. We rushed to the site to see what happened and we came across numerous remains and many charred bodies whose features were indistinguishable. There have been over 50 martyrs, with some being known and others not,” shared Ibrahim Mokdad, a resident.
We say may God avenge Arab leaders particularly Qatar and the Emirates, and those who normalised ties with the settlement state,” he added.
On Saturday, Hamas launched an attack and fired several rockets into Israel in response to recent attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and the ongoing construction of illegal settlements in the West Bank. This offensive has resulted in the deaths of at least 800 people in Israel.
In response, Israel conducted multiple airstrikes targeting Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip, resulting in over 570 casualties. Israel has also announced a complete blockade of the already besieged Gaza Strip, including restrictions on food and water. »

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