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lundi, janvier 30, 2023

A successful surgery to remove a cancerous tumor at the Tangiers Clinic in Tangiers by Dr. Mostafa Souaiah

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In coordination with the Moroccan Association for the Support of Participatory Development in Tangiers, headed by Mr. Khalil Al-Baqiri, Dr. Mustafa Al-Suwaih, a specialist in cancer surgery, performed a successful operation to remove a breast cancerous tumor for a woman in the Tangiers Clinic in Tangiers, which was crowned with success, as the operation took about 3 hours.

Dr. Mustafa Al-Suwaih, a specialist in cancer surgery, and founding president of the Cancer Patient Support Association, stressed in this context the need to develop a strategy to work in the Ministry of Health in order to detect early cancer, so that it becomes a duty and necessary like the Scandinavian countries, which require every woman to undergo tests for cancer. Cancer every two years, and if she is absent from the examination date, a medical team visits her at her home, because the infection of any female citizen with the disease costs the state expenses, treatment, doctors and equipment, considering that early detection saves time and facilitates treatment for the doctor, and reduces the risk of the disease on the patient’s life, which requires a participatory approach. Sensitization and awareness among all stakeholders, including doctors and civil society, and the involvement of the media and public channels
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