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lundi, janvier 30, 2023

Ambassador Simon Martin attended Africa’s first ‪#GlobalCoalitionAgainstDaesh‬ Ministerial meeting in Marrakech. Sessions focused on our joint efforts to protect Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria from ‪#Daesh‬.

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‏Daesh must not be allowed to grow unchecked across Africa. The United Kingdom remains resolutely committed to the work of the Global Coalition, and the degradation of Daesh/ISIS; using all our tools to support African States impacted by terrorism. We will only defeat Daesh by working across all borders, and on all fronts. Strengthening the collaboration between partners across the region is the key to greater success.

Peut être une image de ‎1 personne, position debout et ‎texte qui dit ’‎الدولي التحالف GLOBALCOALITION MINISTERIAL MEETING OF THE GLOBAL COALITION TO DEFEAT ISIS Marrakech, May 11th, 2022‎’‎‎
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