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Drone captures Iraq’s Hamran Lake after losing 96 per cent of its water 

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Iraq’s Hamran Lake in Diyala was seen almost dried up as a reason of excessive use of water and the cut off of rivers tributaries that flowed into the valley from Iran. Drone footage filmed on Tuesday, captures notable drought effects on the lake, as green areas were barely spotted in the area, which used to provide 80% of Diyala’s drinking and irrigation water. « It was widely known that Hamrin Lake had more than 3 million cubic metres of water reservoir during the 2019 flood season. But now we suffer from a severe water shortage in the lake, which has now less than 100,000 cubic meters of water, » said Ali Al-Hajiyah, an environmental expert in the area. According to the expert, Iran’s change of rivers courses and the excessive use of water are the main reasons for the lake drying. Recently, Iraq has been suffering from a noticeable water drought all over the country, as the waters of the historic Sawa Lake dried up completely, and the levels of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were roughly decreased. According to the UN, Iraq is the fifth most vulnerable nation worldwide to the effects of climate change.

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