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Germany: Activists denounce heavy weapons support for Ukraine during ‘die-in’ protest in Dusseldorf

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Dozens of protesters marched through Dusseldorf on Saturday denouncing war and the German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall. Protesters were seen taking to the street while carrying banners with « We will not watch doing nothing while some madmen drag us into WWIII or nuclear war », and « Blood is on your hands. Disarm Rheinmetall », and chanting anti-war slogans as they marched to Rheinmetall’s administrative HQ. Demonstrators also staged a ‘Die-in’ protest to denounce the German authorities’ policies. « NATO has advanced to the borders of the [former] Soviet Union and Russia. When you hear now whether Ukraine must join NATO or not – I was in Ukraine for nine days and I was told by politicians that ‘We are already a part of NATO. I coordinate every step with my NATO friends. They are in Kiev, just like you, » – the head of Team Todenhofer political party and the well-known journalist Jurgen Todenhofer said while addressing the protesters. He went on to denounce Germany’s plans to send heavy weapons to Ukraine and pointed to Rheinmetall’s plans to send 88 ‘Leopard’ tanks to Ukraine. Earlier during the week, German lawmakers voted in favour of sending ‘heavy weapons and complex systems’ to Ukraine. The demo comes one day before traditional May Day demonstrations, which are set to take place across Germany.

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