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Germany: Pro-Russian march meets counter-protest in Dresden

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A counter-protest in solidarity with Ukraine met a pro-Russian rally in Dresden on Saturday. The march under the motto ‘World peace, no war in Europe, international understanding, no political propaganda in schools’ led through the streets of the Saxon state capital and ended at Theaterplatz – just like the pro-Ukrainian counter-protest. As the two demonstrations met, pro-Ukraine activists shouted ‘Stop Putin, stop the war’ at the participants with Russian flags. Pro-Russian protesters could be seen carrying ‘peace’ balloons and wearing T-shirts decorated with the peace dove. On the stages of both rallies, the speakers spoke out in favour of peace, while the pro-Russian demo criticised the coverage of the war in the public media. Reportedly, around 250 participants listened here, met by around 700 Ukraine supporters. The city of Dresden had banned pro-Russian military symbols from the rally, including the Z symbol and the Saint George ribbon, a Russian military insignia.

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