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Germany: Refugee activists occupy empty building of former hostel in Berlin 

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Six activists of the group ‘hotels for housing’ occupied the empty building of the former ‘Wombat’s Hostel’ in Berlin’s Mitte district on Saturday morning. The hostel closed on August 31, 2019 and the building has stood empty since then. About 100 supporters demonstrated in front of the occupied building until the police peacefully removed the activists from inside in the afternoon. The group demands that the 80 abandoned rooms are made available to refugees amidst the housing crisis in Berlin instead of being housed in unsuitable centres. « That is why we want to stay in this building until the [Berlin] Senate or the hotel chain which owns this hostel guarantees that the building will be allocated at least temporarily. Instead of another hotel we want self-governed accommodation for refugees, » said an activist of the ‘hotels for housing’ group. The owner of the building has filed charges of trespassing.

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