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Germany: Russian diplomats lay wreaths at Sachsenhausen to mark camp liberation anniversary 

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Russian ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechaev alongside Russian diplomats laid wreaths at Sachsenhausen Memorial on Saturday, to mark the 77th anniversary of the Nazi concentration camp liberation by the Soviet army, in Oranienburg. The Russian delegation was seen laying flowers and wreaths on different memorials in the camp. « We have gathered here today to mark the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Sachsenhausen concentration camp by the Soviet army on April 22nd, 1945. That was one of the most inhumane « fabrics of death » created by the Nazi regime, where so many prisoners of war were killed among them many Soviet people, » said Sergey Nechaev, the Russian ambassador to Germany. The Soviet Red Army, supported by Polish groups, liberated Sachsenhausen concentration camp on the 21 and 22 of April 1945, finding 3.000 prisoners there. It is estimated that 200.000 prisoners from over 40 countries passed through Sachsenhausen and that around 30.000 people were murdered there.

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