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Serbia: Serbs vote against joining EU for 1st time in two decades according to poll – Vucic

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Serbs are against joining the EU for the first time in two decades, stated Serbian President Alexander Vucic in Belgrade on Friday. Speaking at press conference, Vucic cited a recent poll by Ipsos, revealing that 44 percent of participants are against a EU membership while 35 percent are in favour. The president added, however, that « it is not our job to please public opinion, it is our job to hear it, it is our job to understand what citizens tell us, but it is our job to do what is best for the state. Serbia. That is why my message to everyone is that Serbia will be stronger on the European path. » He went on to predict that Serbia will face extreme pressure from the EU in the coming period over the recognition of Kosovo in connection with the Ukraine conflict, Vucic explained, saying that « all European leaders have told me that President [Vladimir] Putin has told them […] that he has insisted on the Kosovo case in their mutual talks. And that means we will be under tremendous pressure. That does not mean that Russia will recognise Kosovo at all, I do not think that is the case, it will not. Nor do I think that anything will happen on this issue, except that we will be under a lot of pressure so that Putin cannot use Kosovo’s arguments.

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