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State of Palestine: PM Shtayyeh holds up pics of killed children in Gaza during presser

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Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamed Shtayyeh held up pictures of children killed in the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza during a press conference in Ramallah on Sunday. « The images of martyred children and the injured in Gaza have to provoke empathy and an urgency to stop the aggression. Among the martyrs are children and those are Ilham, Alaa, Ahmed, Mohamed, Salah, Suliman, Ellen, Khaled, Eyad, Soaad, Fatima, senior citizen Neima and senior citizen Fatima Kabaja of 80 years, and other women, children and senior citizens martyrs, » said Shtayyeh as he held up the images while calling out their names. He also said that « What’s dangerous about this issue, as I previously stated, is that it’s a repetitive aggression. Every year, every few months, our families in Gaza experience another aggression. This aggression has to end once and for all because we do not want to postpone one attack just so Israel can perform another. » This comes as the death toll in Gaza rose to 31 according to official reports. Six of those killed were children, as Israel justified its « preemptive » air attacks on the Gaza Strip by saying that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group had planned to attack it first. The United Nations special rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories has called the recent air raids « not only are illegal but irresponsible”.

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