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Turkey: Protesters rally in Istanbul to show solidarity with Gezi Park prisoners

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Protesters gathered outside the closed Bakirkoy women’s prison in Istanbul on Saturday to show solidarity with Mucella Yapici and Cigdem Mater, two of the people arrested in the Gezi Park case. Demonstrators held banners reading ‘Gezi is the people, the people will win’ and other slogans in support of the detainees, and displayed photos of those imprisoned in the closed Bakirkoy Women’s Prison. A balloon with congratulations was released for Mucella Yapici, whose birthday is in the next few days. “Our arrested friends are not guilty. In the words of Mucella Yapici, Gezi is a state of hope. Resistance in Gezi Park is a social hope. Gezi is an ‘I’m in’ revolt, especially for women, LGBTI+s, » protester Simle Sunay said as she read the statement from TMMOB’s Istanbul Women’s Commission. Police previously announced that a protest outside the prison would not be allowed and blocked roads leading to the compound by erecting barricades, causing participants to gather in front of the police barriers instead.

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