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Turkey’s ‘Scorpion King’ taps into million-dollar market for priceless venom

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A farm in Sanliurfa is selling a very lucrative form of ‘milk’ – scorpion venom – for use in cosmetics, painkillers and antibiotics all over the world, as seen in footage on Tuesday. « In the market, it finds buyers at 10,000 dollars per gram and 10 million dollars per litre, » said farm owner Metin Orenler. Footage shows workers at the farm, which houses around 20,000 of scorpions in plastic boxes. The staff use tweezers to ‘milk’ the creatures before transferring their venom to a storage facility. « After the production of this poison in our facility, freezing process, powdering processes are carried out and then it is sent to various countries of the world, especially to European countries, » Orenler explained. The owner admitted that some people can be a little uneasy about the work they do, but says that anyone visiting the site is satisfied that they’re taking all the ‘necessary precautions’. The farm now exports venom to France, the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

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