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USA: Skeleton of ‘Velociraptor’ dinosaur on view at Christie’s in NYC ahead of auction

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The most complete skeleton of the inspiration for Jurassic Park’s iconic ‘Velociraptor’ will go up for auction at Christie’s in New York on May 12. The 110-million-year-old and the most complete Deinonychus skeleton ever found has been on view at the world-famous auction house since Saturday. James Hyslop, Head of Science and Natural History at Christie’s underlined that it’s the first time a raptor has ever come to auction. « They are so famous: they’ve really permeated into our popular culture, but they are incredibly rare – there are only three known skeletons like this, and then only a handful more bones, » said Hyslop. He stressed that they anticipate an estimated 46 million dollars or more at the auction on May 12. The rare skeleton was part of an exhibition in Copenhagen that ran from 2020 to 2021.

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