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Iraqi glider pilot raises 30-meter-long banner and flags over Baghdad’s sky to show support for Palestinians

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« Iraqi glider pilot Hussein Al-Shehani raised a 30-meter-long green banner reading « Al-Aqsa Flood » in the sky of Baghdad, along with the Iraqi and Palestinian flags on Monday to show their support for Palestinians amid the Israel-Hamas escalation.
Footage shows the preparations, and the glider pilot taking off from an area near the capital, flying in the air with the banner, and flags.
Al-Shehani said that this initiative comes in connection with the efforts of the Palestinian paraglider pilots who stormed the settlements around the Gaza Strip.
« Today, we raised up a flag over a vast area dubbed as « Al-Aqsa Flood », which is the name of the operation that was already a great success and shook the whole world. This paraglider, which has always not been taken into account, was used by the Palestinian brothers to liberate the lands over there, » he said. »


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