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‘Return our territories, Zelensky!’ – Romanian Parliamentarians protest as Ukrainian President’s speech cancelled during Bucharest visit

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« Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech at the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest was reportedly cancelled on Tuesday as the leader arrived in the capital for an official visit.
Footage shows Zelensky arriving and leaving the building to meet with President Klaus Iohannis. Zelensky and Iohannis signed a bilateral document that recorded agreements on cooperation in key areas for both countries according to media reports..
A parliamentarian was seen demonstrating ahead of Zelensky’s arrival. « Return our territories, Zelensky! This is our message to Zelensky: return our territories to us. He mocked all the Romanian ethnic groups in Ukraine, » claimed senator Diana Sosoaca while holding up historic Romanian maps.
Protesters also gathered outside the government building rallying with a giant Romanian flag.
« We are here against the Ukrainian president, who came to Romania to beg for help with energy, gas, and a free corridor for grain transit to Europe. We don’t agree with this; the winter is coming, Romanians are poor, and we demand this world beggar to leave, » said Viziteu Marcel, one of the protesters.
Local media reports suggest that Zelensky’s speech at the Romanian parliament could have been cancelled due to fear of disruptions by pro -Russian parliamentarians.
Organised by SOS Romania, the demonstration outside criticised the alleged discrimination of ethnic Romanians in Ukraine while demanding the return of Romanian historical territories taken by the Soviet Union following World War II. »


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