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‘They got in like animals’ – Migrants undeterred by razor wire at Rio Grande border crossing

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« The installation of razor wire along the banks of the Rio Grande in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, by the Texas National Guard has had an impact on reducing the influx of immigrants seeking asylum in the United States.
The footage filmed on Monday shows the personal belongings of immigrants who tried to cross the barbed wire at the border.
Elizabeth Rodriguez, a 23-year-old migrant from Colombia, chose not to attempt the crossing due to fears of getting hurt.
« Ever since we arrived, the immigration authorities were very clear: to wait our turn, be calm, and they would help us. People instead did not follow these instructions and instead decided to break through the barbed wire and use blankets to go over the wires, and they got in like they were animals, » she explained.
According to a CBP statement, in September an average amount of people trying to cross the border reduced to 1,270, while during the first quarter of the year the numbers were standing at 2,700 migrants per day. With the wire in place, National Guard soldiers and state troopers patrol between the lines of wire, pursuing migrants and, in some cases, arresting them for trespassing.
This initiative is part of Operation Lone Star, a multibillion-dollar effort initiated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott two years ago to address the border crisis and combat drug and human smuggling. The razor wire is one element of the broader strategy aimed at border security and immigration control. »


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