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‘We seek peaceful coexistence’ – Taiwan president Tsai addresses nation amid rising tensions with Beijing

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« Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen stated that the country seeks a ‘peaceful coexistence’ between the ‘two sides of the Taiwan Strait’, during her speech on Tuesday in Taipei as the island celebrated its national day.
« We are willing to take the Taiwan public consensus as a basis, conditioned with dignity and reciprocity and with a process of democratic dialogue, to develop with the Beijing authorities a mutually acceptable foundation for interaction and a path to peaceful coexistence,” she said.
She affirmed that the country is capable of “facing China with confidence and calmness and creating conditions for peaceful cross-strait coexistence for future development”, emphasizing that peace is the only option for both sides of the Taiwan Strait.
“We do not provoke, we do not act rashly, and we will absolutely not bow to pressure. We have deepened our cooperation with democratic countries around the world as we work together to maintain regional peace and stability, acting as a force for good in the world,” she declared.
In recent years, there have been security concerns in the area. As Beijing stated, it will not rule out the use of force in order to maintain sovereignty over Taiwan, which it claims is part of its territory.
In the last few months, the Chinese army has also engaged in several military drills near Taiwanese coasts, including a three-day simulation of a blockade of the island in April. »


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