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Next-gen military innovations on display as AUSA Expo 2023 kicks off in Washington DC

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« The 2023 Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting and Exhibition kicked off in Washington DC to showcase the latest advancements in military technology, on Wednesday.
« As we evolve the technology, and technology developed, we have the opportunity to send unscrew systems into very dangerous areas and keep our soldiers safe and protected, » said Ray Moldovan, the General Dynamics representative.
He also mentioned that their focus is on the future of military robotics. « We bring a lot of capability to soldiers on the battlefield for tomorrow, » Moldovan concluded.
Amidst large crowds and lengthy queues, the 2023 AUSA conference commenced with reportedly over 650 defence contractors displaying their products to a vast audience, including thousands of attendees from the Pentagon, various parts of the United States, and across the world.
During the event, the the AM General made its debut with the all-new JLTV A2 and Trailer featuring a Bulk Water System, introduced the HUMVEE Charge Hybrid Electric Vehicle concept, and showcased the HUMVEE Next Generation Shop Equipment Contact Maintenance truck (HUMVEE 2-CT SECM). »

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